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I am not sure everyone realizes how important it is you post your words. NINE people rely on you for accurate, clear, and more importantly PROMPT information. When some people continuously post ridiculously late and do not even warn me I personally feel disrespected. When you know you are unable to do your word tell me ahead of time. M.B. knew he could not do his word so he gave me A THIRTEEN HOUR notice, D.B. knew she could not do her word so she read ahead and posted. I understand people have things to do after school (as do I, I usually leave campus at 4/5 and possibly later with Mock Trial Season) and I completely understand that. And I know sometimes your phone dies or your lights go out, but you have to understand how important your dedication is to NINE people. If you are unable to post by seven Maximum eight, I am afraid that this may not work out. And you will have to reconsider your priorities. I strongly encourage you to start your own website with people in your same situation. And I am talking to all of us, including myself. If you would like to continue with this website please talk to me in person or call me and I will give you the new website information. Because yes i did change the website. Also I do not like to have to keep sending out reminders, this is your grade and I want you to care. If you have problems posting, YOU call me, not visa versa.  Again this is not personal toward anyone we have all posted late, and If you choose to no longer be involved I completely understand and respect that. Again if you would like to continue to be a part of SSA than make a post or call me or talk to me in person and I will give you the information for the new website. Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clayton-Bulwer treaty (1850)

it was an American desire to build a canal through central America. however, Great Britain and the U.S. clashed heads and ended up signing this treaty keeping both nations from controlling any major canal in Central America. In 1901a new treaty gave permission to the U.S. to build a canal with out UK interference. :)

Clayton-Bulwer Treaty

This treaty was made to avoid a conflict with Britian in 1850. It stated that America nor British could seek for control over any isthmian waterway. this treaty was later rescinded (revoked) by the other treaty of Hay Pauncefote treaty of 1901.:)

Harriet Tubman :)

nickname of "general tubman" or "moses" She helped slaves escape to Canada away from Slavery. Was a "conductor" of the underground railroad. She was from Maryland. Rescued more than 300 slaves. She was a union spy during the Civil War :O. :) She also worked as an educator after the War to educate freed slaves in North Carolina.


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Fugitive Slave Law
a law passed just before the Civil War also called the "Bloodhound Bill", slaves who escaped could not testify in their behalf and were not allowed a trial by jury. If the judge in the case freed the slave they would receive five dollars, if not they would get ten dollars. Those found helping slaves would be fined or jailed. This added to the rage in the North.

John C. Calhoun
a sixty-eight year old South Carolina senator who died in 1850 of tuberculosis. The tension between the North and South had not began to build and become unbearable. An associate delivered a speech that he wrote which declared slavery okay. He proposed to leave slavery as it was and restore the slavocracy by returning the runaway slaves to their owners. He wanted to preserve the Union and he believed in the Constitution.

"Higher Law"

The congregational debate of 1850 was not over, the young guards from the North were yet to have their say. They were more interested in purifying and purging then patching and preserving the union. William H. Seward a senator from New York, was the spokesman for the northern radicals. A strong antislaveryite he did not like concession and argued earnestly that Christian legislators must obey God's moral law more than man's law. He therefore appealed , with referance to excliuding slavery in the territories , to an even "higher law" than the constitution.

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